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Moving And Shipping

Moving to Hawaii can be done in different ways. Some people will sell all of their big items and move with just what they can have mailed and carry on a plane. Other people will move from coast to coast. It is important to note that price of the move as well as costs to repurchase all of your furniture are very important. Depending on which island you move to Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, or another island, your shipping requirements will change. Different islands have different ports and sometimes your valuable may need to be shipped to multiple islands.

When you rent or buy property in Hawaii, some times you can actually rent or buy with the property fully furnished. It will cost a bit more but generally it is well worth it since the cost of buying new furniture is on the high side.

There are different companies that will ship your furniture to Hawaii based on its starting location. Every country and state will have local movers as well. Below is a list of possible shippers. As it is impossible for us to have used all of these shippers, please feel free to e-mail us if you have any insight on their performance.

Featured Shippers:  

West Point Relocation is a full service household goods, vehicle, and freight shipping company specializing in moving to Hawaii, Guam, and around the world. Free estimate are available online.

United States Shippers

Asia Shippers

Europe Shippers

Australia Shippers

Africa Shippers


Move all your furniture


Have all of your furniture as you currently like it. May not match a Hawaii style you go with in your new place.
Hawaii furniture can be pricey. You would eliminate this extra cost. It is expensive to move furniture to Hawaii. You may have to pay cross state tarriffs if moving from the US. Generally, it costs either by crate or by the pound plus cross state costs.
You save time shopping for furniture. Your furniture may get damaged in the move.
Move Some of Your Furniture


The cost can be less if you can ship in a small container May not match a Hawaii style you go with in your new place.
Will still have some costs associated with purchasing new furniture. Still may have to pay cross state tariffs.
You save some time shopping for furniture. Your furniture may get damaged in the move.
Sell It All and Start Over


Get to start fresh and buy all new furnitures Costs may be prohibative to buy all new furnishings.
You can buy or rent in a place that is fully furnished and deal with furniture later. Not all places come furnished. You are limited on what to buy or rent.
Your furniture will now match your new island style. It will take time to find furniture for your new home and you may not know where to buy the furniture to get the best deals.
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